Friday, September 29, 2006

My first computer...

I'm glad I had this image file archived away on a CD. I remember the day when it arrived, my very own personal computer! I was really excited at the prospect of having my very own computer at home when the techie dude was installing it! think it was 10 years ago is probably long enough to be in todays school history books. 'Back in the days' hardly anyone had a computer, the only people I knew who had one was my eldest cousin and a friend at school. Anyway it was windows '95 which was somewhat state of the art back then with its amazing new GUI. I got encarta 96 within the package which I thought was mind blowing.. a whole enyclopedia at your fingertips! I used to score really well in all my courseworks; obvioulsy now I know the meaning of plagarism....oops

I got it as a birthday present when I was 11. I remember how everyone was having a go at opening up Word or something and being stunned each time without fail.
The first thing I did was create this image. I remember it took me around 4 hours to do using microsoft paint. I'm glad I had this image file archived away on a CD as now it is archived on the internet for the first time (and in its true resolution); 10 years after being created.

I used a font called 'Panjabi' back then since the more common punjabi/gurmukhi fonts available nowadays didnt exist.
Well I suppose archving things on CDs is a nice way of recording history and to remind you of past times. I can't remember why I put the cactus there, I suppose if you go off the path you will only be confronted with spiritual pain.

For those of you interested, the specification of the system as i remember was:

3.6gb hardrive
Intel Pentium 2, 333mhz processor
32mb Ram
4mb graphics card
15' Crt monitor

Oh that reminds me of how long it took to load!


b said...

that cactus is actually quite good...

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Bhaji, very good art skills for an eleven year old!

The pic is really good and meaningful!

Did you do Art GCSE or something?

pavandeep said...

MS Paint is timeless :-)

Novtej said...

Well actually i'm terrible in art. Everyone else I know is quite proficient in using their artistic side and nehiiii veer ji, I definitely didnt do Art GCSE! LOL

I guess its one of those flukes.