Monday, January 17, 2011

Good morning

Currently sat on my desk, well... on my chair but it's not something I do often these days as I find when I'm not working I'm either spending time with family and friends or I'm playing football. Well I am sometimes at the gym too but I was initially reluctant to write it here partly because I don't really have much of a physique anyway but mostly because it's somewhat of a trend with all the wannabe heroes on social networks repeatedly boasting about how 'MENTAL' or 'MAD' their gym sessions were. Here are some real examples I've just found on my news feed:

- back in the gym 2mrw gna hit it hard....:D!!!! (perhaps he should use the door?)

- Medial and lateral pectoral nerves and radial nerves gonna be bare active (lol thanks for the biology lesson)

- Is banging it OUT! (clearly he's not or perhaps its in relation to banging out his facebook status updates?)

- Is Gonna BANG IT OUT! Time to start pumping some IRON! (thankyou for alerting us all, i've just made a note of it in my diary)

- Forget about head shoulders knees and toes! Am talking shoulders, chest an tri's!...."SAVAGE'' workout! (wow so I'm guessing playing shoulders knees and toes is considered a hard workout if hes comparing it to 'chest and tri's'!

Anyway, moving on.

So why blog now? To be honest I'm not sure but it's definitely to do with my friend restarting his blog on his way to make £100million.
I have an interview on wednesday and just for the record for all my fellow colleagues and managers who are probably never going to read this blog post anyway it is not for another job. If this interview is successful I will share what it is I'm applying for but if I'm unsuccessfull I will in likelihood write something subordinate which wasn't really worth applying for! :D
What I enjoy most about blogging is reading my own posts form 5-6 years ago and seeing what my thought process was at that time and for that reason I hope to write a few posts per year.
Good morning I've woken up, again.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Singh is Kinng?

Singh is Kinng?

Why today Singh is Kinng and before Singh is clown? Bollywood industries now
starting to cash in on the Singh is Kinng craze. To understand just 30 years
ago these Singhs were butchered in India, in Punjab, cut like weeds out of
the framework of india and today to cash in we see this type of publicity.

I have not seen the movie yet, but I am sure from its success it is a
typical bollywood movie, with many one liners and a 20 minute story wrapped
up in 1 hour of songs and melodrama.

Singh is King of what these days? No census can be done but by indications
and rough numbers from punjab at least 75% of young Sikhs have given up
there identity. To fit the confides of what the world and west accept. This
is no King infact it is far from it, our heritage now sits in a book dusty
in the corner of our homes, unopened, our history lies there. We bask in the
warmth of greatness of past with very little contribution in our own lives,
nobody wants to be uncomfortable, whether that's because of a job, or
because we are just afraid now to stick out.

It is a shame that the time this title was appropriate, Singhs were
defending India from jungles, with no homes with no comforts they were
fighting for righteousness sacrificing everything. And opposite today, well
to do Sikhs sacrifice nothing, we cant even sacrifice our own egos, we want
to look modern, to fit in , to figure out anyway to assimilate into
societies which really don't even hold a candle to the brightness of our

We follow our own brand of Sikhi, comfort Sikhi when things are not the way
we like them its easily adjustable, easily we can move tenants, we can move
gurbani being well educated to accommodate our own lifestyles. We really
don't know what Sikhi is, today all tenants of this faith are sitting on the
street, and there was a time when someone was sawed in half, cut limb by
limb for things we give up on a whim.

A heritage forgotten is a heritage lost. And this is the result; a fake
Singh is Kinng with snoop doggy dog wearing dastaar. And we are happy that
wow we get this exposure. What of those who gave their lives, sacrificed
their children who were cut piece by piece and they had only one line in
their hearts, a thankfulness of Sikhism. When have we thanked god for being
brought up in a Sikh family, with this rich tradition, probably never.

What a joke this is, what a mockery it is of what a Singh really should be.
A Singh is someone who is in control of their destiny, who will not shake
their ideals, and will uphold to death not only their rights but the rights
of others, even if it means they will be joked about for saving hindu women
at 12 o clock, they did it. Think about these details and one will have no
thoughts of the selflessness of these individuals who having no problems of
their own took on other ppls problems, having no homes of their own, saved
other's homes.

These Singhs travelled at night, in the morning the only evidence being the
hoof marks of their horses, it is said at that time women of the pinds which
were protected by these unsung heros would come out and touch these tracks
and pray that there sons be as brave as those who travelled the night.

There was no Batman or Superman, there were only those Khalsa's who defended
the honor of those who had no other hope. We are part of that legacy, what
will the future generations say about us? That the heros of the past have
turned to drinking to cut hair to doing whatever seemed right for their on
enjoyment, forgetting what a rich and one of a kind history they had.

The world is full of great ppl, but I challenge anyone to show me a
community that has been through the adversity that Sikhs have, at one time
being wiped out by 50% of their population. (That would mean even more than
the holocaust for Jews by percentage). Within a year after that time frame
they were the rulers of Punjab, after being cut down they only grew, after
being killed they only increased. What resilience they had, today for the
cheapest things for the things that have no value, we sacrifice, our
priceless gifts, our priceless inheritance from those souls just vanishes
into thin air.

It is true, today we are only good enough for a movie title Singh is Kinng,
otherwise there is no proof of that.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Pre-reg has started and I never have enough time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Collision between a Taxi and Horse outside my house!

Those of you who have the bad fortune of knowing me, will know that I live in a bad area of Bradford. My morning usually begins with having to move the car because a HUGE lorry is unable to manoeuvre itself through the street....yes the huge lorries you see on the motorway. The most entertaining thing is watching police chases because all you hear is the noise of engines and breaking...the police don't use sirens at night; they only have flashing lights. But having said that, I hate it when helicopters get involved..i mean yeah its cool with their spotlight thing but it's so hard to get to sleep when they're flying above you! Also, we get the joy of dodging 15/16 year olds racing on horses around our streets. Welcome to the wild wild west (yorkshire).

However, this is the craziest thing I have ever witnessed whilst living here. I was standing in the living room checking something on the television and then I heard a horse and chariot racing down the street. Not the fancy types you learn about from the Roman empire... Anyway, I just thought to myself, what if a car was to be driving into the same junction the horse was racing into...I then just checked through another window whiclst standing there and actually saw a car moving towards the same junction! Next thing...BOOM!

I just ran outside and luckily no person was hurt but the poor horse suffered a few injuries near the neck. Here are the pictures:

The horse hit a taxi and in this picture you can see the taxi drivers backup near the blue car hehe.

The taxi!

Btw, I was in vancouver on short notice so I apologise for the delayed post