Monday, April 09, 2007

Your eyes are so beautiful

thaerae bankae loein dhanth reesaalaa ||
Your eyes are so beautiful, and Your teeth are delightful.

sohanae nak jin lanmarrae vaalaa ||
Your nose is so graceful, and Your hair is so long.
(Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Vadhans on Pannaa 566)

I had the good fortune of attending the 2007 UK vaisakhi smagam rehansbai, and this shabad took me by surprise actually, since I had never come across it before but then I realised that this is how Guru nanak Dev Ji would praise God.
Our Gurus were such amazing people, they had an enormous amount of love for Waheguru (God), they adored every beauty of Waheguru's creations. They saw God in everything and every life form.

Full shabad here

Download shabad here


Anonymous said...

gur poorai sabh pooraa keeaa ||

The Perfect Guru makes everything perfect.

WAHEGURUU!! =D one word...OUT OF THIS WORLD...ooops thats 4 words!! hahaha! =)

Righty back to the books...

Palvin said...

beautifull kirtan by gurbir singh right! Where can we gt the whole reansbhai kirtan for downloadin? Thanks in hand jio

Novtej said...

yeah that was the second shabad in his keertan seva:

gur poorai sabh pooraa keeaa ||
The Perfect Guru makes everything perfect.


hahahahaha 'one word'...ur crazy!
Palvinder singh jee, you can download keertan from the smagam by following this link...

Palvin said...

Thanks alot..the Samagam kirtan are all amazin.Giani Gurdev Singh Ji and Bibi Darshan Kaur and Bhai Apardeep singh just amazin..and i love gurbirs kirtan, i mean the one u put up!THanks alot!Gurfateh!