Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm sorry


I finished my 4th year at univesity back in April and since then I have been absolultey free!...but for some reason I've not really found the time to blog! I have had times in the past month or so where I think to myself "that would be a good blog post to write about" but I never really get round to writing one! I had a few ideas on post-it notes stuck to my screen (some of which have fallen and seeked refuge in the jungle of computer wires behind my desk). Well here are the posts I wanted to write about and which I WILL write over the next week or so:

1) Desi plumbers
2) Vaisakhi at Bradford - behind the scenes!
3) Gordon Brown is gay
3) Collision between a Taxi and Horse outside my house!
4) Bhai Satvinder Singh Ji & Bhai Harvinder Singh Ji IN Leeds!

...And I actually have pictures for all the above posts (",)
Will be writing the first post tonight, adios.

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DK said...

haha finally...