Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Alcohol and cardiovascular disease

Ever come across an article about the benefits of alcohol in moderation? Like how according to statistics people who drink a few units of alcohol in a week seemingly have healthier lives...

Yes there is some research being conducted about the flavanoid component in alcohol and its potential benefits of increasing HDL (high density lipoproteins - basically the good fats)....and eventhough the research is not fully viable ... I would always remain sceptical of such arguments.

Firstly as Sikhs we are instructed by our Guru not to consume alcohol, that in it self should make you believe that alcohol will only harm and not benefit. For those who need more convincing I could try to explain.

The graph below represents the above argument; drinking alcohol in moderation has benefits over not drinking alcohol at all.
Now try to think: what kind of people don't drink alcohol? Yep...it's us..south asians!

We consume far less alcohol than any other people mainly due to our religious requirements but that isn't a reason why we're at greater risk of dying. Our food has extremely high fat, sugar and salt content! Not only that but contrary to how we (Sikhs) should be (saint & SOLDIERS) the majority of us have inactive lifestyles and so an increased cardiovascular risk is inevetible.

Unless there is a clear justification of an argument, never believe statistics. Now try having a look at the graph above and decide whether you think alcohol in moderation actually has any benefits?

Go get yourself a piece of fruit now :)


b said...

I feel so moved that you actually made the effort to draw us (your devoted fans) a graph.

balraj said...

hi novtej that is quite a smart post for you :)

Novtej said...

haha well you're all worth the effort!...come on i hardly post and yet people still visit this blog!

Novtej said...

oh and thanks for the cheeky comment baly.

b said...

nice nice banner : )

TeraRoop said...

*shy* Hiya =)

Your blog was one of my favorites, I kind of feel like I missed out on a dosage of something that made me healthier in some way.

I love the banner, too ^_^

Novtej said...

hahaha a dosage!..(did you mean that?! hehe)
thanks for the banner complements but i stole it off a really nice wallpaper background from sikhnet...so credit to the wallpaper designer dude.

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