Friday, February 01, 2008

Mr Davinder Singh

... vaddae keeaa vaddiaaeeaa kishh kehanaa kehan n jaae ... and surprisingly i'm still awake. The clock in front allows the opportunity to calculate the time back in UK; 4:30pm. So i'm sat trying to work out what's for breakfast from the smells which seemed to have spontaneously appeared; it's like my brain activated my nose once it realised the morning programme was coming to an end. It was nice seeing a full darbar hall eventhough some people started making their way out.

I remember thinking how a few days ago I was in an hospital's clean room calculating doses for cancer patients, but now how I sit enjoying my first Vancouver smagam.
Anand sahib had started but my masi ji was still sitting so I was having to endure a fierce battle with the lovely breakfast smells. The side of my eye caught another person getting up; it was the guy I saw the night before near the recording equipment. My eyes shut in an attempt to control the smells by diverting my mind to sleep.

I was nudged, my eyes opened and looked up to find the same guy from the recording equipment. Anand sahib was still going on and so I couldn't hear or understand anything the person was trying to tell me. He reaches into his pocket and pulled out a wallet, and i'm sat there thinking what's going on! I knew i had a really messed up keski on so thought he might have taken pity on me by giving me money to buy a new one!

A business card comes out of the wallet and I still don't know what's going on, or what this person wants! He goes back into his pocket and takes out a pen and slowly starts writing in punjabi on the business card. I start following the ink on the business card (in my semi-conscious state) first he wrote a load of numbers in punjabi and asked me to read them out (to check that i could read them!). I thought to myself, perhaps the sangat in vancouver regularly exercise each others punjaby literacy. Next to the numbers, the person begins writing again starting with риж and then slowly resembling Davinder Singh (in punjabi).

As soon as I read that I was fully awake and without wasting any time looked up at him. That's when I recognised Davinder Singh, the person I have been in contact with for over 4 years from blogs and msn. Since the first smagam programme I had been looking out for a tall singh wearing a nokh dastar, similar to the blog profile photograph. However, I should have paid more attention to the singh in the dumala and glasses!!

Well I was still in a slight state of shock, and so Davinder Singh turns the card over writing his name and number in English. He stood up and said, 'call me, waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh'..and then walked off.

I just thought, what a cool guy and what a way to introduce yourself!!! So if you ever want to introduce yourself Mr Davinder Singh style, here's a summary:

1) Walk up to a person
2) Nudge them
3) Hand them a business card
4) Write a few numbers in punjabi
5) Test that the recipient can read it!
6) Then write ur name next to it in punabi
7) Translate overleaf just in case
8) Tell them to call you
9) Fateh
10) Walk off

To read more about my vancouver trip last may, follow this link:
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Anonymous said...

lollz..that was a weird an amazing experience that you had there Veerjee lol :)

simon said...

novtej ur wierd in a cool way lol