Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In a lecture right now

and the cool thing is that i took the pic and uploaded it onto the blog using my phone! Ok i think i better learn abt the ganja leaf looking plant by the lecturer!


Anonymous said...

Veerjee just want to know r u doing ur pre-reg or r u in fourth year? :)

Novtej said...

hello!im in the 4th year.im on the sandwich course and ive already completed 6 months pre reg training.

Anonymous said...

ohh okk jeee....thanks for telling :) take care

b said...

Pay attention in your lectures! Learning about ganja leaves is crucial in learning how to put labels on pillboxes. You should know that.

: )

Novtej said...

HEYY!! well thanks to doctors being tremendously incompetent and rubbish at prescribing we have a job :)

so there...don't slam our job...concentrate on ur own!

b said...

Did I touch a nerve? :p

If I concentrated on my job you wouldn't have a job to go to, so really we're doing you a favour. It keeps the economy going you know.

Hope everything's going well at your end : )

Iminder said...

...And if it wasn't for the advancements in technology, both of you would probably have a horrid time coping with mundane tasks at work :P Everyone needs each other :-)

b said...

mm.. Iminder Singh the Goodwill Diplomat : )

Anonymous said...

I think Pharmacists are better than doctors :P hahahaa
no seriously i do
Bring on the debate!

kash said...


1-Very clean life style and bed style too.

2-We are well trained to listen.

3-Drug Dealers….with a license! Hell yea..

4-Free drugs, condoms, and birth control pills…We play safe!

5-When it comes to measures we are precise, gentle, and got a whole bunch of leaks before reaching the end point! lol,don’t u just love Titration?!

6-We know quite enough anatomy, to know what works and where.

7-We own a variety of lotions, creams and gels, and aren't afraid to use them.

8-We do it on the counter, in the car, and on hospital beds all day long.

9-We never miss a target ;)

10-Love is all about chemistry, right?…Well so is Pharmacy !

Novtej said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!! last comment too funny!!!! btw b i wasnt being serious..just a little healthy debate ;)

well i suppose you do a fantastic job at diagnosing...but i think you should leave the treatment and careplan to the pharmacists since we are 'experts in medicines' :)

again we're just debating!! :P

b said...

So when Novtej's buddies back him up THEN he's up for a debate : )

I really hope you know I only do it to annoy you :p in fact I would quite happily leave everything to you drug dealers and just chillax with the title/credit.

(I think I should change my name from b to dr.l.b. - lazy bum :p )

communitypharmacist said...

Hospital pharmacy is all well and good but if you end up in the community you’ll be doing the job of a shopkeeper sitting on the sales counter the whole day wondering why on earth you chose such a boring profession. But with all the drugs you have at your disposal you could end the boredom with a bottle of pills which would probably take a good 7 days to kill you.

b said...

Thank you for that valuable insight.

Novtej said...

LOL that is very true. i did honestly enjoy my hospital pre reg placement as i felt i was actually using the pharmacy degree! The glorified shopkeeper role sucks but then again u only work to earn and it doesnt have to be something u enjoy...come on only goray try to enjoy their jobs! as for us we never like working and would rather be attending a smagam or something...as long as its dasa nauha di kirat ...innit!
Pharmacy is better anyway,we shut the doors on time and not like we need to go through the remaining 10 patients. Therefore our life does not revolve around our career; its somewhat the opposite :D

b said...

Novtej, have you ever watched House MD? You might like it. (If you ever have the time.)

That part about life revolving around career made me wonder what people like Bhai Tejinderpal Singh Ji would say if we asked them for their experience. Don't be so sure that Medicine takes over your life. The people that want to concentrate on Sikhi will concentrate on Sikhi regardless of their career path.

(Btw I think surgery would be classified as "dasa nauha di kirat" as well. Ultra-cool dasa nauha di kirat. And lazy-b aside, 10 extra patients = 10 more opportunities to do good in the world.)

I rest my case.

...unless I find something else to argue about :p

Novtej said...

...or 10 more prescribing errors :P

yeah you're right it's what you make of it...and yes again..i watch House MD..watched first 3 seasons..and watching... :)

if only there were more dr House's about.

b said...

Maybe I'll become a doctor like him. Then I wouldn't need to bother with the 10 extra patients :p

Anyway I don't want to break the commenting record on your blog.

(Season 4 is the best.)