Friday, November 16, 2007

Music and lyrics

Been reading through the following discussion thread on

I thought this post was an excellent response:

Pyario, the key thing that has been noted with this thread is that many want to take the bit they like from the Rehat (ie that bad lyrics should be avoided but Bhangra is ok) but the Gurbani is being totally ignored (which is what the Rehat is trying to lead us to). The Gurbani clearly states "Geeth, Naadh and Dhun". This incorporates all lyrics, all beats, all tunes of the faithless. If one is singing about the love of women, their caste, their wealth etc they are singing trash (faithless cynics). The key to all singing should be the love the Vaheguru, the Guru and the Naam and Bani that leads us to him. Perhaps I will not get through to everyone, but to those who have an iota of sense, give it up. Aavo Sikh Satguru Ke Pyario Gavo Suchee Bani - sing the True Bani Sikhs of the Guru. Teach your family, your kids and any Sangat you meet too!! If this is fanatacism, then I love my Guru even more for it!!

Somebody asked a question:

fateh! adminjee i was jus wondering...des famous singaz like jazzy b, sukhshider shinda, malkit singh, juggy d etc. wat will hapen 2 dem? as it is dere occupationz? thnku

...probably from some hardcore fan of one or more of the above :P. Here's the response (an excellent one i must say):

It is not a case of "what will happen to them". Everything we do while in this world is recorded. Our good actions need to win over our bad ones. If you do something that makes a person remember God, your action is the most respectable. If you do something that makes someone forget God, then that is accumulation of bad Karam (Actions). I am not here to judge individuals. The forum is here to guide which is quite different.

It should not take much deliberation to come to a conclusion about what is going to happen to us if we are do not remember God as per Guru's instruction. Guru's instruction is to remember him "Mann, Bach and Karam". That means to remember God with our Minds, our Words and our Actions. When all three unite and become one, that is true "religion" or true "Sikhi".



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