Sunday, October 07, 2007


Where am I? I reside in a dream. A dream beyond realism.
Why am I here? I don't know; perhaps my good fortune or bad?
If it is good fortune then there must be something for me to gain in this dream. Something I must work towards achieving.
If it's my bad fortune, how can I turn that to good?
Turning something from one state to another requires effort, energy.
I can't say whether this is energy gain or energy loss, either way energy or effort is required in the equation of transformation.
With effort or energy I can turn good from bad.
Without effort or energy I can turn even bad or bad from good.

it's funny how you're able to produce a text from 2 questions and a bit of thought whilst half asleep. I was tempted to talk about energy gain and loss as exhibited in creating larger molecules by combining smaller ones...but i'm not that sad.
Will be blogging more useful things to share in the near future now that ive found my way back.


b said...

You say you're not that sad, but you were still tempted...


Novtej said...

haha well actually i did write abt exotherms etc, and also the atomic energy state theory which talks abt the differing energy states balanced together in a single atom:neutron,proton, energy is some sort of in reality everything we see are actually degrees of vibrations...kinda like the matrix but instead of the numbers.
Ok il shut up now.

b said...

'everything we see are actually degrees of vibrations'

As if the whole universe is doing bhagtee : )

Novtej said...

sabh gobi(n)dh hai sabh gobi(n)dh hai gobi(n)dh bin nehee koee ||

God is everything, God is everything. Without God, there is nothing at all.

TeraRoop said...

i want to vibrate too.