Sunday, June 03, 2007

A week in Canada

I'l be honest, i'm not in the writing mood soooo here's a selection of the photos we took whilst in canada with a brief descriptive. I'l be answering any questions you may have in the comments section...Enjoy!

Hmmmmm, all i needed was a gigantic spoon so that i could scoop out some Carte D'or ice cream..hang on those are the Rocky Mountains!

Once there, I gave my cousins a taste of english entertainement...Xbox and football (or soccer for them since their football is a game involving hands...see the logic??!!)

Keertan Darbar to kick start the Vancouver 2007 may Smagam, at Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara.

Some random pics...

Going to the peak of grouse mountain..and snow!!

...oh yeah i got reception at the top too!..was talking to my mum back in england!

How insulting!

Keertan Darbar at the gurdwara sahib in New Westminister, apparently the one run by the youth!

One of the keertan darbaars of Vancouver smagam at singhsabha gurdwara.

Master Narinjan Singh Jee doing keertan seva at Khalsa School

What is it with everything being big??

Asa Di Vaar at Singhsabha Gurdwara

A very scenic lake near Capilano.

Talk about being egocentric!...'beautiful british columbia' though i have to admit, they're right!

The nutorious suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon

A picture of the 'chinese gardens', apparently the most perfect garden according to the Yin and Yang energies.

Yup Subways!

Grizzly bears, apparently they were babies!

Time to go home :(



b said...

Kultej The Watermelon-Munching Machine.

If it was snowing up on the mountain, how come you people were in shorts?

Novtej said...

it wasnt snowing, the snow was melting.... was around 25C that day, well at ground level.

Anonymous said...

Just thought id say fab pictures! =) you were most certainly busy busy!!
I dont know many crazy peeps that climb a mountain and at the same time are catching up with the goings on back in england!!... i guess theres always one! =P
Anyhoo..keep up the blogging and more importantly...SMILE!! =)
over and out!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Kultej doing to that lil guy in the last pic oh that's meannnnn.......................
LOL U guys had a bril time njoy Novtej dont worry U dont seem soooo boring YET!! LOL:)))

Anonymous said...

veerji excellent pics are u wearing a red pagh in last pic. Very nice colour i hope u teach me how to wear a pagh at khalsa camp. Thank you

Novtej said...

its maroon actually, to go with the man utd top ;)

Anonymous said...

yeh i was jus wonderin y r u wearing a dirty red pagh man :( haha

Anonymous said...

dirty red?? didnt realise one of gods colours are seen as dirty????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wheres the maroon pagh picture i cant see it. You guys are nuts.

Anonymous said...

fateh ji!
Vancouver Smagam Aug 12-18 2007
you in? bring Bhai Kultej Singh.