Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mr Boring




b said...

Pre-Reg making you boring?


(it's just pharmacy in general.)

What happened to the magnificent post you were going to do about canada? .. Mr lazy or Mr busy? =)

You need to make the exciting things happen. Take a trip to Scotland or something.

Anonymous said...

Veerjee will you be coming to Khalsa Camp or BOSS Camp this summer??:-)

Novtej said...

sometimes i like being here as ive got the time to go to the park and do Rehras, but overall i think livng away has made me boring. I find sad jokes hillarious..etc
Scotland! now why on earth would i want to go there?!! (apologies if ur from there).

Yeah hopefully i'll be attending a camp this summer.

b said...

are you implying that my jokes are sad?


scotland rocks. lots of sheep and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Veerjee which Camp will we get to have your "Blessed Darshan":-)LOL :-)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm said...

hmmmmm...i thought id have a quick look on your blog and to my surprise it has been updated!! boring hey??!! i could think of other things, but mr boring!!?? im sure that will soon change....
i wonder which jokes you are referring to.....hmmmmmmm!!!
hope alls well in the crazy world of novtej...(and not too boring for you!!)

Anonymous said...

hey...why don't u plan a robery in bradford...on a gora's store?...they will never suspect it was a it is full with pakis!LOL

Novtej said...

Gora store in bradford??? you must be JOKING!

which camp?...hmmm i'l go to the one you're going :) let me know which one ur attending.

the joke im referring to which made me conclude to that i'm turning boring is:
a pharmacist comes up to me and says, "did you know haloperidol is actually called peridol"
i questioned, "oh really?"
"Yes, it's just that you have to greet it".
I burst out in laughter for some reason. Later i thought to myself why i found it so funny??!!

b said...

After reading that, I see what you mean. Still, at least you have retained the ability to laugh. It would be so much more of a tragedy if you were boring AND humour-less.

Anonymous said...

Veerjee i will b going to Khalsa Camp just to let "YOU" know :)LOL
its wicked innit!! hope to see U there!!:)