Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Vaisakhi

What is Vaisakhi all about? Going to 'the holy walk', eating loads of sholay patooray at different gurdwara sahibs, meet other people, go to the Vaisakhi dinner dance followed by the gig by Manak-E or whoever he is and then finish off by watching a load of fireworks?...
...the sikh new year??
We all know what happened in 1699, so what are we celebrating?
I asked an old school friend yesterday and his response was 'we're celebrating the birth of the khalsa, so its a birthday in a sense'. I then asked, so what does the birth of the khalsa mean to you? He answered, it's when Guru Gobind Singh Jee made the panj pyarey. I questioned further, so what does it signify? he said, Novtej let me eat my sholay!
so we're celebrating vaisakhi because Guru Gobind Singh jee made the panj pyarey in order to allow B Singh eat his sholay?...

I'm no preacher but it's essentially all about Amrit.

If you wish to learn more about amrit then take the first step and perform a simple search.

here's some pics from My Vaisakhi =)


Anonymous said...


After seeing you at the nagar kirtan I thought I should check your blog as I had a feeling you might have resurrected it.

Anyways great pictures. I completely agree with you regarding the way Vasakhi is celebrated in the west (or at least in England).

Money used to fund such holy walks, decorations etc would be better spent on sikhi parchar to tackle the issues which will be raised in the SAS meeting. The muslim way in my opinion (which many people may not agree with) is great. From the age of five children go to their local mosque and learn about the Koran and their history for two hours per day.

If we did the same imagine how strong our foundation should be? No matter what comes our way be it hindu fundamentalists, or radical muslims hell bent on converting our sisters we will not budge an inch.


GSM said...

who are then 4 girls? i have seen them before

sevatothemax said...

WaheguruJeeKaaKhalsa WahegurujeekeeFateh!

Thanks for putting the photo's up Bhai Novtej Singh Jee, may Guru Jee bless you with the effort to keep blogging. We are a dying breed and its nice for us in the Midlands to see how our Gursikh Veer's in the far North are getting upto ;)

We will try and put up pics from Vasakhi Day in Cov soon.

Bhul Chuk Marf Karna


WaheguruJeeKaaKhalsa WaheguruJeeKeefateh!!

Anonymous said...

gsm, may i ask why do u want to know?

Iminder Singh said...

Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!


One is novtej's sister, one is my sister and the other are our cousins.

Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

Anonymous said...

when are you going to next post on your blog?

Novtej said...

apologies for not posting recently. I'm on a placement which is hectic as it is, but recently had a job review and exam so will get back to blogging shortly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ANYBODY HOME???????????????????????

=) said...

Singh - you better be taking lots of pictures in Kaneda!