Sunday, April 08, 2007

Living away from home

For those of you who don't know, i've been living away from home for just over 2 months now. It certainly has been an experience. I reside in the accomodation offered by the hospital; a four share block (4 people sharing bathroom, kitchen, lounge) but i'm currently the only occupant. Living here is different from university accomodation since most people are a lot older, and far more qualified which makes it difficult to talk with people at your level and interests. I found myself having a conversation with a urology doctor about internet connections via laptop data cards...erm and that's about it since there nothing much we can converse about besides moan about the 'basic' facilities. I don't mind too much living in isolation, since i've got my computer rigged with an infinite amount of keertan tracks but also having to make your own food takes quite long and so the evenings seem to pass by quick.

The things to take with you when living away (that you wouldnt think of):

Antiseptic spray (when you cut yourself trying to make something to eat)
Plaster (to cover your wound after spraying with antiseptic)
Bog roll
Oven tray
Decent washing up liquid (keep ur hands nice and soft!)
Bed linen
Flip flops
Hand cream (keep ur hands nice and soft!)
Carrier bags (to take ur dirty laundry back...thanks mum, ur the best :P)
Fruit bowl
Kitchen roll
Kitchen foil (keep your sandwiches fresh until lunch time)
Sikhitothemax desktop version (since there's no internet connection)
Powder for tabla (keep ur hands nice and soft!), i didnt take any of the above listed items when i first went so you can imagine the trauma i went through until I went back home!

..walking around MRSA country with open wounds
..having to walk all the way to medical students mesh to use toilets chips or pies
..getting a rash on my finger from using the nasty free detergent
..having to lay clothes over the hospital bed sheets!
..walking to the bathroom in shoes all the time
..having to take the whole suitcase back for dirty laundry
..leaving fruit about on desk
..eating unfresh sandwiches! (yes i know unfresh isnt a word but i couldnt find a suitable antonym of fresh)


b said...

perhaps your next post could be a list of all the possible ways to keep your hands soft.

but seriously man, thanks for posting this.

p.s. i wouldn't have noticed that it wasn't a word if you hadn't pointed it out. *rolls her eyes*

solar said...

Just how soft and fresh are you hands? :-))

Anonymous said...


Novtej said...

my hands are really rough, i think im being a little wishful when i say 'keep hands nice and soft' they were never nice and soft in the first place.

i'm hungry.