Monday, December 18, 2006

The Reansbaee

before i begin, please have a listen to this beautiful Asa Di Vaar by Bhai Balbir Singh Jee (ex-hazoori raggi of darbar sahib). It brings immense warmth to this cold and dark winter morning..

Bhai Balbir Singh Jee Asa Di Vaar

I'm blind! I can now see. blind again... can see again! I suppose being blind can sometimes be good, as it diminishes all prejudices. Window wipers need to be made more powerful to cater for the terrible weather we're exposed to every now often. It was raining and we were on our way to the Birmingham rehansbai in November.

We decided to drive. My dad noticed the fuel gauge showing red on low fuel, eventhough they filled it earlier that day. I stopped the car on the hard shoulder to see if there was a leak or anything. Everything seemed okay and after a few restarts, the gauge reading was showing full tank...And so we were back on the road. However, the gauge reading was slowly going down like in one of those films where the pilot notices the fuel and tells all passengers to get hold of a parachute. Unfortunately we didnt have any parachutes, but thankfully we werent airborne either!

We decided to stop the car near manchester, at a services station. There we called AA who, in appraisal, got there in 20 minutes. I felt like singing We got AA friend from the advert :P Anyway the engineer was very friendly and caring (his name was Mark-please give this person a raise), but after spending a good 30 minutes thoroughly investiagting the car, he couldnt find any faults. He had checked the electronics, the fuel tank..etc and then asked my dad whether they may have over-fuelled the car.

My dad said: "I was wanting to fill around £40 worth of fuel, but missed the 40.00 mark so decided to go for 45.00 which i missed again, and so went for £50 which i got!...but then i remember my son telling me that you get points per every litre and so i started filling more to the litre.." (basically they over filled it!). The engineer said the sensor may have 'drowned' (i think thats the jargon he used) causing the strange readings. But he gave us his assurance that nothing was wrong and that we could continue travelling.

Whilst this was going on, the rehansbai coach also got to the same service station!..Their doors were spontaneously opening (it was also very windy that day), but the coach driver had apparently secured it using seat-belts (desi solution from a non-desi). However, around 10-15 minutes later I saw another coach pass through the car park looking similar to the bradford coach... hey it was the bradford coach again! The door didnt hold long and so everyone got off the coach to wait for their replacement. It was really strange how all us leeds, bradford people were destined to be stranded at Birch Service Station no matter how we travelled.

Well we all managed to get going and relieved to have got to the rehansbai but as we walked in, the darbar sahib was packed out (it wasn't our day), leaving us to wait in the langar hall. Slowlyy, the leeds-bradford sangat started to penetrate through into the darbar sahib. The rehansbai was rather fast paced but then Professor Surinder Singh did beautiful keertan seva with use of puratan (historical) instruments such as the Sarindha and Taus.

It was nice. :)

Here's some of my pics (sorry they've all turned out blurred)..
Pictures and audio of the keertan can be found on
Please also visit to download the asa di var and more keertan.


Anonymous said...


Waheguru! I was only recently looking for a Asa Di Var audio and was specifically thikning about Bhai sahib, waheguru.... thank u! now I will download it!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Great post. Put a smile on my face :)

b said...

here's something i thought might interest you for about 30 seconds, which you might know already:

if you type "liar" into google, the 1st site which comes up is Tony Blair's biography.

if you do the same for "failure", then George Bush's biography comes up.

someone!! said...

woah what a journey! leeds and bradford sangat taking over the service station!! lol!
great post! =) also thanks for sharing the beautiful kirtan...especially bhai harpreet singh ji' really is amazing! keep up the fab blogging! =)

Novtej said...

hahahaha... no i didnt know abt the liar and failure trick.....i love google!!
...yeah everyone was probably thinking what was going on, with so many of us just relaxing in the cafeteria!

rsingh said...

It was just uploaded to lol

Anonymous said...

novtej veerjee where are you?

b said...

"happy new day" novtaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij.

Tesh said...

that pic with all of ya in a car park looks like a competition for who has the longest and thickest beard! He has a huge grin on his face lol and everyone else is in shock and awe esp the guy with almost no beard giving a deep stare!!!