Thursday, November 16, 2006

What made me and keeps me blogging..

...sometimes you're left with that tricky moment, where your mind begins searching for an objective, but tending to fail miserably at first. That moment is referred to as boredom. The first time I heard the word Blog was on the the BBC website during my summer holidays after A-levels (2004). Back then I was heavily into gaming, I think I had started a season on Fifa 2005, completed half of Need for Speed underground and oh yeah was on the verge of completing GTA3 Vice computer was essentially used for entertainment! On the odd days I would check my email, visit sikh forums, news websites, gadget websites, game websites :p as well as classical music (for tabla) and keertan websites.
Okay just went off on a tangent there.
What made me and keeps me blogging?
I came across DavinderSingh's blog by chance somehow, and after reading a few posts I thought for a moment why this guy is writing his life story online??...anyways as i read on...i just kept on reading on...why??...because it's interesting to see how others life is being shaped (and probably because i like being nosy). Through his blog I came across other bloggers such as PavandeepKaur which I remember reading a funny post about how to look intelligent at school ..carrying brief case and lots of books or something. It was really good - individuals from all over sharing their thoughts and experiences from which you can relate to or learn from, as well as receiving comments from readers.
Then I started University and I just forgot about the whole blogging thing. It was during my first exam period when I used to just lay on my bed during my 'breaks' that I would think what to do to help break my study. My mum would always tell me to update My Website which I had at the time to share photographs with my relatives in Canada...I was running out of web space so didn't really want the hassle. I then remembered those Blogs, where people had more or less an unlimited amount of space to share their pictures with everyone. Although it took me quite long to find out to actually learn to upload pictures Novtej.Blogspot.Com was registered on January 15th 2005 and started it off with This Post.

Som eof the things I liked from reading others' blogs and i'm sure you would like :)

Why Vancouver is Better - by Davinder Singh

By Davinder Singh - What would your reply be if someone says "Tera Dentist Kaun Hai"? (who is your dentist)

..imagine saying that to someone, Terry Maah... you would get your teeth knocked out. Then you would say 'hun mai terry mah noo chela' and consequently get punched again.

Guess Who - by Davinder Singh AGAIN

How do we do simran? - by Naam Vairaag - a recent post but an extremely good read

....that's what made me and keeps me blogging =)
oh and thanks to my millions of loyal fans too LOL.


b said...

*this loyal fan is expecting payment at some point*

does it ever feel weird that people can come on your blog and see your family/house/aloe vera plant(lol)?

it's quite a personal thing to have on the internet - but provides a nice source of amusement nonetheless :p

my favourite post was the "things which make me smile" one. that was a nice one.

TeraRoop said...

You're welcome

-somewhat loyal fan


Let it be known that: the infamous ‘Dr. Terry Mah’ is NOT my dentist, neither I nor anyone I know has ever seen the unfortunate creature. We can only imagine what he might look like. For the less imaginatively inclined here’s what I’m speculating:

But Bhai Novtej Singh, I really do enjoy your blog, the times you manage to update it. Keep it up.

pavandeep said...

glad i could help :-)