Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sikh Sense #1

Sikhi is an extremely deep, spiritually conceptual way of life. However we live in an age where people amass engross themselves in countless short-term pleasures offered by the world. Spirituality does not categorise with these types of pleasures: therefore easily overlooked and not considered of any importance in life (until the messenger of death approaches).

Everyone wishes for happiness in life.

At times true happiness is found/experienced but for the sake of worldly pleasures, it is easily made secondary until sorrow in one form affects the individual.
Personally, I feel happy as ever during a rehansbai (all night) keertan event, or attending nitnem programmes with gursikhs where I can easily convince my mind nothing other can satisfy more.

As mentioned we live in a time where spirituality is secondary and so people are uninterested. Having been approached by friends and the general public about my practices I have found talking with a common sense, or rather concious-minded approach to be most effective. The aim of Sikh Sense is to genreally just provide a few moments of thoughts....enjoy :)

Sikh Sense #1

Question: Why do you grow your hair?
Answer: I don't grow my hair, why do YOU cut your hair?

(Who's the one without understanding whereby practices assimilate to a ritual?)


Mai said...

Oh, thank you!! I am asked this all the time, and 'Hair is a gift from God' only seems to antagonise people without satisfying them. I think I'll try your answer; maybe it'll get them thinking.

Ravjeet Singh said...

soo is it gone be 1 post a week?

come on Mr singh what about posting how you gonne pull sicki :P hehe

Novtej said...

oh chup kar yaar! sicki baar gal karnee, punjabee vich keh!

b said...

*rolls eyes*

post a post in punjabi then lol

TeraRoop said...

have i ever told you that i like your blog?

Novtej said...

hahahaha, how flattering teraroop jee :P

ive got some major exams next week so extremely busy at the moment!... will try to find time or allow time to find me!