Friday, November 10, 2006

The past month or so...

I have a headache; quite an ambigious statement. It could be a migraine headache, tension headache, drug-induced headache, acute sinusitis perhaps... well if you're indian it doesnt really matter since Paracetamol (acetaminpohen) is the cure for everything. aah well..

Ive accumulated quite a few pictures from the past month, nothing special really, therefore decided to use Google's space ;) Here goes..

Autumn is here; tha leaves ready themselves...

Here are pictures of the Bradford I see these days. The first image which resembles a bomb site is in fact the city centre :) The others are just some picturesque sites where the bus stopped, on my way home from uni.

The 3 million pound Hindu Mandir development on Leeds Road looks to be a very optimistic project (in terms of maintenance - brick through windows etc).

I dont know what it is with milkshakes.... seeing a full glass makes me happy..

The newly built atrium in the Richmond Building has an impressive architectural design; Dr Pieroni (lecturer of pharmacognosy - or rather pharmacomedy) seems pretty impressed :P

Check this out.. Guru Nanak Sikh Sangat Gurdwara have a notice board for the events running at Gurdwara Singh Sabha. This is a good step by the committee, and should be implemented in all other gurdwara sahibs which are a tad dormant.

The autumn weather still progresses in its aim to make us miserable. This picture was quickly taken on my way to work at around 6:30am

Believe it or not the following picture is around 10 minutes later (I had to take it to prove how unpredictable English weather is)..

You never know who you can catch on sky sure i've seen this guy at gurdwara - he seems to be the only one eyeing the cameras!

The ones who dont know the meaning of the word 'chores' caught in the act... :P

It was Kultej's 19th birthday...dont worry thats not a fault on his t-shirt; he's a Paul Scholes fan... oh by the way this was my birthday badge and just to clarify 21 is pretty old, i am always busy, i'm in love with food, and my bank balance is a bit weak..

Here's one of the guests...looks like kuljit used the wrong flash setting

...when everyone goes the house experiences a period of silence. Kultej keeping himself warm next to the radiators - it's getting colder!

A very happy Gurpurab to all... there was a keertan darbar at the local Gurdwara sahib. This picture was taken after the keertan darbar during amritvela (around 1am) when the Akhand Paath started (arambh).

This photograph is taken during the actual Gurpurab day; everyone must've been tired staying up till 1am earlier that morning for the akhand paath bhog.

I think my car needs a full body inspection..

The 'not-impressed' look..

Another picture i got from someone...looks like these 2 are enjoying themselves in a museum..

Sehj kaur and Furmhahn Singh are really hyper's some pictures from when they invaded kultej's room...

The 'stoned' look...

Gurpreet walked into our house...

. . . n O v T e J . . .


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! tht photo of ure car is the best!!!!!!!

TeraRoop said...

i love the pictures.. i think im just in a happy mood today after a retarded afternoon, but that was like the sixth time i laughed at something out loud.. on the computer.. within the past hour..

hahahaha thanks =D

TeraRoop said...

omg i canNOT believe i missed your birthday!

so sorryyy... Happy Belated Birthday Veerji!!!!!!!!!!!