Thursday, October 05, 2006

The meaning of life...?

Its one of those topics you come across when perhaps an individual is being philosophical...well can't be me as I dont quite understand the full meaning of the word.

Yesterday I attended a funeral.

In my local town, a bibi ji passed away who had been doing seva in Gurdwaras as far back as I can remember. I only came to know that her name was Chanan Kaur, after she passed away. I only knew her as 'Mataa', and so did most of Bradford. The 3 bhajis who passed away trying to save each other was extremely upsetting for me at first; this was just my natural reaction. I had never met them and so wanted to go to their antam sanskar (last rites) but was hit with the news of Mataa only 3 days later. 3.
I watched a short video clip of the funeral for the younger 2 singhs in wolverhampton; there was a lot of support and everyone seemed to be in high spirits which I found to be very encouraging.

Wednesday is my day off this semester (my first every 'day off').
I got to gurdwara at around 11am, did matha to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and sat in the empty darbar sahib for around 10 minutes. Someone came and told me that 'the body' was arriving at 11:45. When living you are a person, when dead just a body.

My mum told me to get something to warm up as it was cold outside. I walked into the langar hall and WOW there must have been around 50 aunty's, majority of them in white just sat there in silence. I sat there with my dad whilst sipping some tea, talking about the 3 singhs and the upcoming keertan darbar in their commemoration.

Everything seemed unreal when I stood outside in the mass of crying as I looked at Mataa's face for the final time. This was the second ever funeral I'd been to, the first being Bhai Rama Singh Ji's. As I stood in the doorway of the crematorium looking straight onto the furnace doors, I wasn't feeling unreal. For the first time I felt 'real'.

So the meaning of life? my answer is somewhere along the lines of having awareness of what is inevitable but at the same time to live as expemplary god abiding, honest and considerate human beings.



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Sifar said...

Thank you. For reminding everybody the truth of life. We all live life like there is no one who can take it (life) away from us. But we forget that one day it (death) will come, to us, to all, and will leave behind the dollars, pounds, rupees, brothers, sisters, and everything, and the only thing that will go along are the few good deeds that we may have done.....