Friday, October 20, 2006

Blog banner

I thought in order to keep things a little interesting and 'fresh', the banner will be changed every month or so. This october banner is representation of where I come from... nope its not my street!
I did a search for 'bradford' on the net and came across this picture which I really liked. Yeah i understand those who've said it looks like something from coronation street, and is really depressing, etc...but i really like it. As Ive told someone recently, it reminds me as a child walking with my mummy ji to school and just looking at the trees, at the pigeons, the cars, the rooftops, the puddles, the worms... nowadays I don't really notice them.


TeraRoop said...

it never did work out for me. i messed it up somehow.

i need someone to just go in and do it for me =) and then i can try again the next time i want to change it.. and mess up again.. and ask someone to do it again

the new banner every month thing was something i was looking forward to.. and then i became angry at the idea because i couldn't even put one new banner in..


oh p.s. re the last comment you left on de bloggie.. i had something to say to you the day you posted it.. concerning that weirdo incident.. and then i decided not to say it cause im supposed to be invisible and whatnot.. and so of course i forgotted..

so i just came by to say hi and all that other stuff came out.. hmm - how did that happen?



okie, you can ignore me now =]

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Novtej said...

the corridoors in the library are very narrow and so i might have just hit something as i am pretty clumsy...but as you are invisible i'm considering all possibilities.

TeraRoop said...

now why would i kick you?