Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the last few months...

The keyboard is dusty. My hands are cold. The light from the window shines my kara. I look patiently down at my hands which are placed on this microfsoft ergonoimic keyboard, hoping that I can somehow start this post.
My last genuine blog post was May 17th which is just over 4 months ago; a third of a year. May 17th was exactly one week before my first of eight summer exams. The blog was put on hold as I managed to fail one of these exams and so had to prioritise my time.

I had begun my 8 week summer placement with Boots the chemist in an area of Leeds called Colton. I may live only 5 minutes from bradford-leeds boundary but i was working 15 miles away from home. 15 miles may not seem like a lot but to think it took me no less than 50 minutes to get there, puts into perspective how chaotic traffic was in the morning.

Overall it was an interesting learning experience especially when working silly hours like 3pm-11pm and 7am-4pm. It messes with your daily routine but I suppose you can't complain being a student since they're the ones doing me favours by having me in the first place.

The boots placement in itself kept me really busy throughout the summer but I did manage to do other things..instead of writing about it, im just going to whack a load of pictures on..enjoy!

This is what I could see whilst I sat on my desk trying to revise for my summer exams...the summer in terms of weather was awesome...

Pictures from the youth programme at Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara (leeds road)... a fantastic programme!!

Family day out to Chester zoo... kultej is in the first pic standing with his species whilst the rhino in the second pic only came out for a poop before going back inside. Im trying to stare out a goat whilst my dad is throwing on a pose in the fourth pic.

Pictures which i forgot existed! (when we went to an anand karaj in derby - probably the best ive ever been to!)...

Oh yeah...i formatted my computer..!!!!

Well it was a beautiful day and so i thought I cut the tree down a little (okay my mum was on my back for a week trying to get me to do it!)..but anyway Gurpreet joined us and we ended up messing about once we got the job done...

dont try this if you suffer from hayfever!

my dad thinks they're baaad! :P

The Alton towers trip was a day to cousin Amrita from canada had also come to visit us which was cool...

It was time to re-fuel...managed to find a good location to eat all the sholay and patooray!

others found more convenient ways of refueling...

Stopped by somewhere in the Yorkshire dales to take a picture (of the car??)

When we visited windermere up in the Lakes (lake district) we were hit by awful weather...but i suppose it just added to the experience (if you want to think positively :p)..but kultej managed to find something to do!

The keertan programme was the latest event to have happened (16th august) are some pics and dont you think Komal Kaur is adorable!!!..shes camera shy in the 3rd picture :P

Having the gurbani setup on the TV was really useful especially when we did keertan Rehras Sahib since its a little more difficult to do than normal paath (i was forgetting!!)...oh and gurpreet in true fashion never lets you down in doing something silly for the day!!

wow....some post ive ended up with!


TeraRoop said...

I was worried when I read the comments on your 'closed' post.. but I'm glad to see life was treating you well in your blog-absence

lotsa smilies veerji =)

take care

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Kash said...

Hi there Nav, seem to have had plenty to do over the summer. Not having the time to relax suggests that you are looking forward to an intense 12 weeks!! HaHaHaHaHaHa! :P

Novtej said...

thanks kash for putting my current situation into perspective...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi novtej,
beautiful pics,keep posting some more snaps,take care


Iminder Singh said...

Wicked Keertan Program!!!...I always say I'm gonna record...but never do for some reason. Next time for sure...especially now that I got new mics :)