Monday, September 25, 2006

another 3 complete their time...

I'm not going to say much as many articles on this matter have been published on various News websites and forums, detailing the happenings.
Words can't describe how I feel. Our time is always drawing near whether we accept it or not.
Ive read a lot of articles and posts from now, one excerpt from a forum which really grabbed me was:

Harvinder and Tajinder were trying to save Satvir from drowning and wouldnt leave him. When their bodies were recovered by the rescue teams, they said they found them at the bottom still with their arms locked with each other

Every breath is another gold coin we are throwing away, some have more gold coins than other to start with but what counts is how we use each each one.
Im glad the candles that have blown out, were brightly lit in Gurus roop.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Dhan Guroo, Dhan Guroo Piaare

Their death is an example of a Gursikh living to do Parupkaar (helping others).


SikhSpeak said...

All in his grace...

Seemed like 3 ChardiKalaa GurSikhs.

Satnam Waheguru

Anonymous said...

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